ELENOS ETG Indium Pemancar FM


High Efficiency Power Consumption

Smart Function Transmitter

Very Compact Size FM Transmitter

Planar Technology Power

Conected Everywhere IP Based


The 2U line maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability that have steered the design over the past ten years. All the transmitters in this line are extremely compact and light, which makes for easier installation and lower transportation costs.

The high energy efficiency also allows for a much lower operating cost.

Because of intelligent protocols, Icefet technology, and Lifextender algorithms this product line is also characterized by extremely high reliability and high performance even under extreme operating conditions.


The intelligent protocols are activated proportionately to the harshness of the environmental condition, thus guaranteeing the maximum power output in respect to the safety of the equipment.

The models from 150 to 500 watts can also operate with a DC power supply of 48VDC (operating range 40-56 VDC), designed for operation with renewable energy sources such as wind and/or solar.


The transmitters in this product line are available in 6 different power levels (150W, 300W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W).Winner of the Cool Stuff Award in 2012, these products combine ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in a sleek, 2RU high, compact rack mountable unit.


High efficiency Extremely low-power consumptionand reduced operating costs.Smart functions/synaptic functionsExtraordinary performance level through the use of powerful operational algorithms and inter-module communications within the transmitter. These software algorithms adapt the transmitter to environmental conditions or to any connected device, preventing poor RF operation or diminished audio quality. Very compact size and condensed powerTwo rack units in height, with a weight of less than 14 kilograms (30.8 lbs), unmatched power versus volume and power versus weight ratio.

Planar technologyExceptional stability, repeatability, reliability and ease of maintenance through the use of planar technology within the entire RF section (RF modules, combiners, splitter and low-pass filter). This allows for the minimization of internal connections and soldering, which increases the long term operation and performance.Connected everywhereThe remote control and management features allow users to receive data and send instructions to the transmitter via several state-of-the-art communication channels — SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP and SNMP.