Inovonics 261 (FM)

Inovonics 261 (FM)
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The Inovonics 261-230 is the 230 VAC version of the 261 Utility Processor.

The 261 provides an all-inclusive system for general audio normalization, level management and FM-airchain use. It combines the functions of gated, gain-riding AGC, dynamic range compression and independent broadband and high-frequency program peak limiting. Processing functions may be selected from the front panel separately or combined for comprehensive program audio control.

The 261 features AES-digital and L/R analog inputs (digital and analog outputs are available simultaneously). Digital input sample rates are detected automatically, while multiple output sample rates can be easily selected from the front panel.

Extra features such as alarms and a front panel lockout switch make the 261 a complete package for broadcasters looking for comprehensive level management. 100% digital DSP architecture ensures easy setup, transparent signal path, and unobtrusive menu-driven operation.

Inovonics 261-230 Features:
• All-digital design using DSP technology
• 48-bit internal processing
• 16/24-bit I/O
• Accepts analog and digital program inputs
• Provides analog and digital outputs simultaneously
• Menu-driven setup utilizes an easy-to-read LCD display
• Simple user controls assure positive, repeatable presets
• Rear-panel tallies enable remote alarm indication
• 230 VAC operation

Inovonics 261-230 Specifications:
• Frequency Response: ±0.1dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
• Noise and Crosstalk: Better than 100dB below limiter ceiling (Digital I/O); better than 80dB below limiter ceiling (Analog I/O)
• Distortion: <0.01&#xTH;D below limiting threshold (Digital I/O); <0.015&#xTH;D below limiting threshold (Analog I/O); Limiter distortion is an inverse function of frequency: <0.5&#xTH;D at 50HZ, <0.1&#xTH;D above 200Hz
• Program Inputs: Digital: AES/EBU XLR input accepts 16-, 20- or 24-bit inputs at sampling rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz; Analog: Active-balance, bridging XLR inputs accept nominal program line levels between -15dBu and +15dBu
• Program Outputs: Digital: AES/EBU XLR output follows the sampling rate and word length of the digital input, or may be selected by menu when analog inputs are used; Analog: Active-balanced XLR outputs may be adjusted by menu selection for a nominal line level between 0dBm and +15dBm
• AGC Capture Range: A normal capture range of 30dB (±15dB); Maximum AGC gain may be set to a value between 0dB and +15dB; Selectable 'slow' and 'fast' correction rates
• Program Peak Control: An integrated limiter/clipper restricts program peaks to an absolute 'ceiling' value, the level of which is adjusted with the Output Level control
• Dynamic Compression: A time-domain platform function associated with the peak Controller (additional circuit gain as much as 6dB)
• Alarm Tally Outputs: Open-collector-transistor outputs saturate to ground under Input Overload, Out-Of-Limits or Program Loss conditions
• Power Requirements: 210-255VAC, 50/60Hz; 10W
• Size and Shipping Weight: 1 3/4"H x 19"W x 8"D (1U); 8 lbs